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  • Computer Repair Services
  • Network Services
  • Data Protection & Recovery Services
  • Telecom Services
  • Application & Hosting Services
  • Mobile Integration

Welcome to lurim technologies!

Our company began in 2001 with a clear goal. We strive to grow our business with loyal customers who look for quality service and reliability within their IT organizations. We help businesses design, build and support their IT infrastructure by providing responsive and dependable service at a fixed cost without surprises. Our slogan is clear - "We go far for our clients, providing Friendly, Affordable & Reliable Service!"

Our company presents the best traditions of classical business in the sphere of high technologies. We know how to appreciate our clients and improve our services.

Lurim Technologies, Inc. has been serving South Florida businesses with more than 20 years of experience in the Information technology industry. Our company was formed by a young generation of consultants with fresh & sharp technicians who will bring your business solutions for today's technological demands.

Application Services

  • Programming Client Server Application
  • Web Applications Development
  • Hosting of website & Applications for different industries
  • Dedicated & Shared servers
  • PMS & EMR Support, Billing Software, Accounting Software Support. Office backup, Paperless office.


  • Disaster Planning & Recovery - done in various scenarios with our contract customers
  • Data Recovery - done for our customers without our contracted preventative services
  • Data Transfers between PC & Media: PC to Media, Media to PC, Media to Media or PC to PC


Mobile Integration

  • We integrate your company to work with Mobile Services which include, but is not limited to:T-Mobile, ATT, SIMPLEMobile, BOOSTMobile, Verizon, Enterprise support for Blackberry Enterprise Services, Goodlink Technology, Active Sync and Unified Communication Scenarios according to our clients' needs.
  • Solution Graphics